The economic success of a medical product depends largely on the market conditions of the health care industry. The sustainable positioning of new and innovative products requires well-founded knowledge of the interests and needs of the various market participants. 

We use established methods of mathematic modeling to calculate the profitability of new medical products from the perspective of the service provider and the funding agent. The profitability models are based on real data which we collect during personal interviews with the appropriate experts.

Our knowledge of clinical practice, health economics and mathematic modeling allows us to develop a data-based argumentation for a recommendation regarding the market positioning of innovative medical products.  Thus we are able to develop arguments for our customers in preparation for their negotiations with funding agents through comparative analysis of competitive treatments and therapies with respect to health economics as well as individual service provision.  We analyze the impact of new products on the profitability of medical care, which can support the service provider in his decision regarding therapy choice. In doing so, our understanding of the complex medical and clinical contexts allows us to analyze the economic feasibility and develop argumentation strategies.