The main focus of our consulting is the innovation challenge of the health care industry, especially in companies specialized in medical technology and biotechnology.  We offer scientific analyses, clearly defined problem solutions and implementation concepts. We use proven methods for our studies; the comprehensibility of our results is particularly important to us.  However, our approach is not method-driven, but depends on the individual tasks that our customers delegate to us.  

Our consulting services for companies specialized in medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals focus on the following: 


  • market studies, for which we employ a trans-sectoral approach
  • technology studies, investigation of current alternatives and future substitutes
  • diversification und concentration, product structuring
  • development of new business sectors and innovation strategies


  • pricing of medical products, pharmaceuticals and medical consumer products; multifactorial modelling of price-sales correlation
  • price modifications concepts and trade term systems
  • international pricing

Profitability analysis and health economics

  • profitability models from the perspective of the service provider and funding agent
  • analysis of the influence of new products on the profitability of medical services
  • data-based argumentation regarding the value of innovative products

Please contact us if you have questions or need further information regarding our services.