novineon technologies develops tomorrow's medical technology

The goal of novineon technologies is the more effective detection and treatment of diseases by using new medical technologies. We pursue this goal in our international network of experts in the form of funding projects or own developments.


Some of our numerous development projects of novineon technologies are:


Capsule for detection and treatment of cancer.


New surgical procedures using micro-robotic manipulators.

Bleeding detection

Immediate detection of acute internal bleedings.

Gastric bypass

Effective and gentle treatment of obesity. 

Tactile instrument

Artificial tactile sense in minimally invasive surgery.

Our development projects are focused on intelligent systems which promise a high potential for improvement of central problems of current healthcare. Our goal is to introduce new technologies and procedures in the fields of endoscopy and surgery, for example in bariatric surgery, oncologic gastroenterology and emergency care for internal bleeding which will be more effective and less invasive than existing options.

We adhere to strict quality standards in the execution and documentation of projects. As a contract research organization (CRO), we have been certified to carry out contract research in the field of medical technologies according to ISO 9001. We are regularly audited by the DEKRA Certification GmbH.