novineon Healthcare Technology Partners is a consulting and research company in the field of health care technology.  We work at the interface of science and commerce as an international service provider, supporting producers and users of medical products and services with respect to development, testing and marketing. In addition, we actively support and invest in other companies in the health care industry in their endeavors to convert their technologies into marketable products.  

With our four business units:  cro, consulting, technologies and ventures, we are able to support our customers in their wish to innovate, thereby ensuring long-term economic growth.

Our four business units

novineon cro

  • consulting
  • pre-clinical research
  • clinical evaluation
  • clinical research
  • regulatory support for non-European markets

novineon consulting

  • pricing
  • economic feasibility and health economics

novineon technologies

  • services
  • research and development

novineon ventures

  • our contribution to the start-up of new companies